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By Linda Foster

Parents looking for an alternative to the current public school environment should consider Summit Educational Institute and Silverleaf Academy as viable sources of a quality education that focuses on individualized learning.

Research has shown that teachers are the single most-powerful contributing factor to student success and that students respond to instructors who care about their students.  Summit Educational Institute is a co-ed campus designed to serve students needing a one-on-one instructional environment, very similar to the homeschooling environment. 

Homeschool parents often have no problems teaching their children at the lower grade levels. However, it often becomes more difficult to instruct their older children in areas such as algebra, science, etc. and, therefore, education in these areas may suffer. Summit Educational Institute offers a way for parents to enroll their children in a learning environment that maintains the core values of the homeschool experience.

The philosophy of Summit Educational Institute is to provide instruction that “…optimizes student learning and enhances a student’s opportunity for academic success” with a goal to guide students “…to become self-directed, confident learners who are well prepared for college and a variety of career options.” Students at Summit Educational Institute receive a quality education from highly-qualified teachers who consistently strive to foster a love of learning. Academic success and positive self-esteem are promoted to 6th through 12th grade students by one-on-one tutoring and instruction.  This unique student/teacher ratio ensures optimal learning conditions and fosters positive relationships between students and teachers.  

Summit Educational Institute offers a safe, trusting and stimulating environment of individualized instruction. All lesson plans and tutoring activities in the Institute’s comprehensive learning experience are developed based upon the California Content Standards. Tutoring, remedial assistance and high school credit are all offered on a one-on-one basis at Summit Educational Institute.

Summit Educational Institute is an excellent resource for homeschooled students who may wish to supplement their education with a science class or Test/SAT Prep. Whether the need is an individual course or fulltime enrollment, Summit Educational Institute has the ability to meet any educational need.   

Students at Summit Educational Institute actively participate in their own education and, of special importance, students can schedule the education according to their personal choice and schedule. Instruction is available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and students can complete their homework under the guidance of an instructor any day of the week, including Saturdays. This concept makes Summit Educational Institute an ideal choice for any student needing a flexible school schedule, including students wishing to earn high school credit for courses outside of their high school and homeschool students who wish to take classes in the school’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Summit Educational Institute is committed to providing a comprehensive program that is responsive to the individual educational needs of each student. 

Silverleaf Academy is a private girls high school with a “…passionate commitment for progressive education, anchored in academic excellence, positive social values, self-discovery, artistic expression and creative freedom.” The belief at Silverleaf Academy is that girls benefit from a school that places an emphasis on building a young woman's sense of competence. The ten-to-one student/teacher ratio allows for personalized instruction in science, mathematics, English, social science, world languages, physical education and fine arts. Silverleaf Academy focuses on academic excellence, positive social values, unlimited learning possibilities, artistic expression and creativity. As with Summit Educational Institute, the supportive environment at Silverleaf Academy encourages students to actively participate in their own education. In doing so, they develop self-confidence and the ability to think analytically and creatively.

Both Summit Educational Institute and Silverleaf Academy offer favorable student/teacher instructional ratios focusing on each individual student's strengths, interests, needs and learning pace. Both schools are excellent alternatives to public school education.  

For additional information regarding Summit Educational Institute and Silverleaf Academy, please visit their respective websites. L.F.


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