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By Michael Leppert

As you might expect by its name, SuperCamp is way above and beyond a typical “camp” experience. SuperCamp is designed to boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem in real ways – while still providing a great, fun-filled experience.

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The parent company, Quantum Learning Network (QLN) has been conducting their SuperCamps for over 27 years, on college campuses, all over the nation. SuperCamp is designed for children from 9 years old through university age. There are more than 48,000 graduates of SuperCamp and about one-fourth of them return for more than one session, with many of the older grads returning to participate in the QLN Leadership Program.

The fundamental idea behind SuperCamp is to provide an engaging and interesting environment in which to build your child’s complete person -- self-confidence, self-esteem, trust, how to learn (relative to academic pursuits), teach life-skills to be used into adulthood and have fun all at the same time!

Statistically, SuperCamp attendees experience the following gains:
84% increase self-esteem
73% improve grades
81% develop more self-confidence
68% increase motivation
98% continue to use the skills they develop after camp is over

The life skills SuperCamp teaches cover the gamut of necessities -- communication, motivation and developing relationships. The SuperCampers learn very much about themselves, especially about how they think, which is the beginning of life wisdom and successful lifelong being.

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SuperCamp is divided into four different age sessions to achieve optimum results and enjoyment: (1) Upper Elementary, 9 and 10 year-olds, which is a 7-day program; (2) Middle-Junior High, 11 to 13 year-olds, a 10-day program; (3) High School, ages 14 to 18, also a 10-day program; and (4) Quantum U, an 8-day program for incoming college freshmen. Quantum U, by the way, is a great idea for homeschooled kids who are heading off to college. Consider it a “college boot camp” that helps kids prepare for their new life, with a focus on critical college-level learning skills and such real world life skills as time management, money management and staying healthy.

Students are assigned to teams of 12 with a male and female team leader. Sessions are held on college campuses and each location has its own schedule. SuperCamp offers two tracks -- for instance, at one location, both the junior and senior sessions are held on the same 10 days, thus allowing a family with a child in each session to complete SuperCamp in one 10-day period. At some locations, parents can attend for the last 3 days (called Parent Weekend) and experience some of the same Quantum Learning methods the kids are taught. Then they can all graduate together.

SuperCamp’s approach is to start with small learning experiences where all students are successful. The students learn and achieve mini-success moments with strategies they learn at the camp and then build upon their successes throughout the program. Among the skills they learn and develop are writing and reading skills.

SuperCamp even prompts students to write poetry on one evening of the session. At the beginning of camp, many of these children don’t even want to be there, much less write poetry -- yet within days, they are building relationships with other children at a comfortable pace and by Poetry Night, some of them feel confident enough to share their writing! The 9th day is Reality Simulation – the students examine what they have learned and how they are going to apply it to their lives.

SuperCamp promotes the concept of the children being liked for who they are as individuals, not how well they “fit in” with everyone else. There are SuperCampers from all over the world and from a variety of different cultures, so the overall experience is very broad and unique. The fact that the skills they learn and develop at SuperCamp stay with them has been demonstrated by many studies done with graduates of SuperCamp. Quantum Learning itself tracked students for up to 5 years later and found that they were still using skills they had learned at SuperCamp.

For homeschoolers, Quantum Learning can customize programs similar to SuperCamp. For instance, the Greater San Diego Charter School arranged for QLN to do retreats with their students. It was called Quantum Learning for Students and was held on 3 weekends, two days each, for a little over 6 days, total. This is not the same as SuperCamp because it is less than 10 days.

Your child may be one of the hundreds who find that 10 days with other kids in an environment that promotes building up of one’s self and others, rather than tearing down or criticizing and comparing is ultimately exhilarating and loads of fun. Please visit the SuperCamp website, for much more information. M.L.



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