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Tag Toys - Bringing Brain Development To Play

1810 S. Acacia Ave.
Compton, CA 90220
Ph: 310.639.4566; Toll Free 1.800.488.4824


by M. Joseph Leppert

Just as learning games have become an accepted norm for learning and memorizing basic information in math and reading, so have toys become a norm for developing brain function, motor skills and depth perception. Tag Toys is a company that is on the cutting edge of this "serious" approach to toys and playing by "stimulating and developing intelligence in the first years of life", from one to six years old.

If you visit Tag Toys' website, you can read a mini course in information-transfer relating to “dendrites”, extensions from a cell of the body that meet with other dendrites and create the circuit from brain to muscle and back, that enables the transfer of information. The higher the number and more developed the dendrites, the greater the amount of information that can be transferred and the faster the transfer can take place. The level of transmission speed and volume of information is the basis for most of the brain functions we perceive as intelligence, including memory. Stimulation and interaction with the environment is how a baby develops dendrites and how intelligence increases. [You may remember having seen television programs documenting how orphans in the former Yugoslavia, for instance, have been stunted because they have not received normal daily stimulus and interaction with their environment. This is because the majority of the initial development of dendrites occurs in the very early stages of life.] Providing certain kinds of toys and also playing with your very young baby and toddler provides him/her with a very important, lifelong motor-skill and intellectual development that is very apparent as the child grows up.

Tag Toys develops their toys with this dendrite-stimulation in mind, offering parents the very best in the development of intelligence and awareness in a pleasant atmosphere of play. The care that Tag Toys takes in the creation of its toys is evidenced by the categories of playthings in their catalog: Early Learning, Sorting & Motor Skills, Perception & Concepts, Memory, Numbers & Counting, Writing & Spelling -- even Adult Rehabilitation, to mention only a few! These toys develop motor skills and perception in simple, but effective "exercises", that once achieved, will help your child for the rest of his/her life.

Tag Toys are of high quality and beautiful, consisting entirely of natural-finished and polished wood, with colorful interlocking or accessory wooden pieces, providing a calm and attractive plaything that will last and last, bringing hours of enjoyment to your child and yourself! Each toy is designed with a specific purpose in mind and helps to develop a different facet of brain development and skill.

Visit Tag Toys at and allow yourself a bit of time to read about their underlying philosophy of toy-making and then browse slowly through their online, color catalog. You will find just the right toys for your little one – or someone else’s – that will allow your child to get the most out of his/her playtime without stress or needless structure! MjL


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