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By Teachers4Teachers Publications

By Linda K. Foster

Skilled readers don’t just read, they interact with the text and Reading Box Blue by Teachers 4 Teachers Publications is just the thing to start young readers on right path.

There is no doubt that reading is fundamental, and basic literacy skills are critical for learning to read, but the ultimate goal of reading is comprehension.  Reading comprehension is what allows readers to interact with the text in a meaningful way.  It’s the bridge from passive reading to active reading—from letters and words to characters and context.  Reading comprehension is the crucial link to effective reading—a strong factor in our educational and professional lives. For many, reading comprehension also unlocks the door to a lifetime of reading recreation and enjoyment.

The core philosophy of Teachers4Teachers Publications, an Australian company built upon many years of collected teaching experience, is to provide high quality products that are easy to use by both teachers and students.  A comprehensive multi-level, multi-text type, reading comprehension kit, Reading Box Blue is designed to support students in the lower elementary grades. It is self-sufficient in nature and allows children to work independently and at their own pace.

Reading Box Blue is unique.  It offers a number of attributes found in no other known reading comprehension program.  First and foremost, it was designed by a team of experienced teachers.  Secondly, since boys and girls generally learn differently and have different interests, Reading Box Blue employs different strategies and topics to grab the interest of both sexes.  Mindful of the fact that some boys are reluctant to read, Reading Box Blue includes high interest cards for them that include such topics as Zeppelin airships, skateboarding, and soccer.  Typical cards presented for girls include moral dilemma situations and positive role models such as Lee’s Pony and Girls Rule Again.  With this in mind, though, it should be noted that all of the cards in Reading Box Blue have been designed to appeal to both genders.

Of particular interest to both classroom and homeschool teachers, Reading Box Blue meets the specific needs and ranges of abilities found in both regular and multi-age classrooms. All ability levels are supported by the 15 color levels provided in the box and, although it focuses on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th years of schooling, it can be used in other levels for extension and remediation.

Reading Box Blue provides a wide variety of text types and topics such as narratives, recounts, descriptions, procedures and information reports.  It also includes an abundance of examples of poetry, emails, maps, magazine-style articles, posters and a variety of other visual texts. 

Reading Box Blue is a complete, junior primary comprehension kit in a box and it’s easy to use.  The colorful, well-organized, convenient storage box contains 150 carefully leveled cards that provide graded texts and related exercises.  There are 10 cards in each of the 15 color levels with a variety of text types offered in each color level.  Also included is a well-written and easy to follow Teacher’s Manual outlining instructions and guidelines for using Reading Box Blue.

Each text in Reading Box Blue has been thoroughly screened by a team of trained teachers to ensure that students are working at an appropriate level.  A simple 9-minute leveling test provided with the kit enables teachers to assign students to their appropriate starting levels.  Once a starting level has been established, children work their way through the box at their own pace. Reading Box Blue assists students in mastering comprehension in the “3H” method of understanding dividing questions into three types: HERE (questions that are obvious in the text or literal), HIDDEN (questions that can be drawn from one or more parts of the text); and HEAD (questions where the reader brings his or her own knowledge or understanding to the information provided in the text).  Once a student has finished reading the source material on the card, they answer a set of comprehension questions utilizing the 3H strategy.  Reading Box Blue provides questions that test proficiency at literal, interpretative, inferential and critical levels. Question types include multiple choice, true-false, sequencing, cloze passages and matching skills. Reading Box Blue also provides students with valuable language practice through a range of vocabulary and phonics activities. Once a student has successfully completed all cards in a color level, he or she moves up to the next color level. The variety of text types provided in Reading Box Blue is sufficient to pique and maintain student interest while continually challenging them on a multitude of levels of comprehension.

Reading Box Blue is colorful, comprehensive and convenient and is a “must have” for any classroom or homeschool setting in need of a proven reading comprehension program.

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