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Teaching Tape Technology – Saxon Math On Video!

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Review by L.K. Foster

Teaching Tape Technology offers comprehensive math videos designed to complement Saxon math books. For years, Saxon Math has been the only major math program designed to systematically distribute instruction, practice and assessment tools geared primarily to meet the needs of homeschool teachers and students. Saxon Math’s unique approach to math instruction offers a solid foundation in math, ensuring that students not only gain, but also retain, essential math skills. Teaching Tape Technology now brings the unique Saxon math approach to life through a series of two-hour VHS and DVD presentations. Using video instruction in conjunction with Saxon texts makes lessons more viable for students who prefer “being taught” to working independently through the lessons. The videos are exceptional resources for students who have a hard time learning new math concepts without detailed explanations and demonstrations.

Teaching Tape videos offer self-paced, no pressure instruction by certified teachers who clearly explain and demonstrate each math concept in the areas of math, algebra, advanced math and calculus. Following the format of the Saxon Math books, video instruction is presented using sample and practice problems taken directly from the text.  Students read each lesson and then play the video and watch the teacher explain the lesson and work the example problems. At the end of each lesson, they are instructed to stop the video and work the practice problems. After finishing the practice problems, students restart the video and watch the teacher work the practice problems.  One of the particular advantages of this concept is the student’s ability to replay the video and review problem concepts. Teaching Tape Technology strongly encourages students to review a problem concept as many times and as often as necessary until it is fully understood, allowing the student to continually build upon his/her basic math foundation. Throughout each video, helpful hints and shortcuts are offered that will reduce student work time but not student comprehension. Unlike many other programs, Teaching Tape Technology videos do not use “filler material” to lengthen lessons. The material is well-written and concise and is presented without digressions or unnecessary enhancements.

Most Teaching Tape videos are subject-specific and are available in either VHS or DVD format. Each subject can be purchased as a single video, in partial or full sets or in Homeschool Kits. In purchasing a partial set, teachers/parents are able to select the first or the second half of the lessons offered for a particular subject. Homeschool Kits include a video, student textbook, tests, worksheets and solution manuals.

Teaching Tape videos are enthusiastically endorsed by homeschool parents who cite the comprehensive nature of the videos and the ability for independent student study as two of the most beneficial elements. Parents are also delighted with the “ownership” aspect of the videos. Unlike other programs that limit the length of time a video can be used or the number of computers it can be installed on, Teaching Tape videos are owned by the purchaser and can be resold to or shared with others. Many times, several families will share the cost of the tapes and will watch the tapes together or adjust their schedules so one student completes the first tape before the next student is ready to begin.

Saxon Math books have a proven track record of success in math education and Teaching Tape Technology is now finding the same success with its complementary math videos. For additional information or to purchase these excellent videos, please visit www.teachingtape.comK.M.

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