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Testwiser MP3 SAT Prep

By Michael Leppert

Depending upon the college or university one chooses, most college-bound homeschoolers confront the legendary SAT test. At first, it seems very daunting for one who is used to working at home, without the typical guidance of teachers and counselors to pass such a formidable test. (The fact is that homeschoolers score 2 to 5 percentile points above

Fortunately, to ensure such success, great products like Testwiser are available to ease the stress of preparing and succeeding in this gateway exam. Testwiser provides prep lessons via MP3 format for the verbal portion of the SAT. The student is provided with downloadable lessons, review quizzes, online help and other resources. You can load up your MP3 player and take your Testwiser anywhere! The team at Testwiser is composed of successful test-takers, who have scored in the 99th percentile on the verbal portions of the SAT. Testwiser has been shown to help increase the student’s vocabulary that is so important to successful achievement on the SAT verbal.

A well-prepared SAT-taker can achieve a much higher level of success with a lower
stress level and Testwiser can help to bring your child to this level of relaxed
preparedness and resulting success.

Unlike a bricks-and-mortar prep service, with Testwiser, the student can prepare for the
SAT on his schedule and as much as he wishes to at one sitting. This flexibility allows
the student to study for the exam when he is most fresh, mentally and most receptive to
internalizing the information – which makes for long-term retention of the information as
opposed to mere cramming.

Finally, Testwiser is affordable, being only $29.60 for a 4-month subscription. Please see
their website,, for free downloadable demos, further information
and to subscribe.



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