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By Linda Pliagas

Hollie Mulhaupt, RN, RMT, was working grueling 12-hour shifts as a registered nurse in Intensive Care Units and Emergency Rooms in Central Texas hospitals when she started studying alternative medicine.  “I became interested in herbal therapies and alternative treatments because I saw how the medical profession was really good at treating medical emergencies, but it wasn’t nearly as good at treating long-term illnesses or in preventing disease.”

Mulhaupt started Texas Herbal Body Solutions LLC  in 2003 as a part-time business, her natural soaps and lotions quickly took off and she slowly made the transition from a part time business to a full-fledged company with employees.

In 2005, Mulhaupt started a second division of her holistic product business, Texas Natural Supply, because she also wanted to empower other entrepreneurs in starting their own profitable companies.

“Small businesses are the backbone of this country and part of what makes both Texas and the U.S.A. so great,” she says.  “Some of the best and most natural bath and body products are made by the ‘little guys’ in the cosmetic industry.”

And Mulhaupt makes sure she equips the “little guys” (and gals) with all the tools necessary for them to be successful.

“When I started, there was no other business out there to help me,” she says, adding, “It was really hard for me to find a company where I could buy in small enough quantities, at a reasonable enough price to break even. That’s why Texas Natural Supply prices its raw materials and other supplies so that we could still make a profit but be affordable for small businesses too.”

Mulhaupt not only sells all the raw materials one will ever need to formulate their own natural soaps, toiletries and beauty and bath products, but she actually offers consulting services to help guide people on how to create their own formulas for their products and to sell them with their own private labeling.

“We will do everything for you. You tell us what kind of product you want. Even if you have never made anything in your life. Tell us what you want and if it's possible, we will formulate it for you,” she explains.

Once their formula is created, customers can begin to manufacture their own products or hire Texas Natural Supply to do the work. “We can help you in everything from choosing a bottle to making sure your label meets FDA criteria,” Mulhaupt says.

One of the companies Mulhaupt works with focuses strictly on marketing their private label products and Texas Natural Supply does everything else for them, including shipping the finished merchandise directly to their customer base.

Texas Natural Supply offers a free 10-minute consultation to start ambitious people on the trek towards entrepreneurship.  What’s in it for them?  “As our clients grow, we grow,” Mulhaupt explains. 

She advises new entrepreneurs to start small, perhaps with two or three lotions and a soap. As their client base and capital grows, they can add new products to their line. Many of her clients sell their products at craft fairs on weekends.

Creating natural bath and beauty products and toiletries is a perfect home-based business for homeschoolers.  Mulhaupt says she personally knows two local homeschool moms who come in to her Austin-based shop regularly for their raw materials.  It is a business opportunity that is very conducive to the homeschool lifestyle. “The kids really seem to enjoy the hands-on work associated with it,” she says.

Plus, creating bath and body products is a great way to teach and practice botany, chemistry and mathematics applications with homeschool children.

Besides assisting home schoolers, Texas Natural Supply has traditional schools, non-profit organizations and corporations as customers. One local school that purchases materials from Mulhaupt averages $1,000 per weekend by selling ten different soaps at  their local craft fair.

“I know a lot of people that are doing this very part time and making some decent money at it,” says Mulhaupt.

Although the media claims that our economy is on the brink of a recession and companies are pumping a never-ending list of chemicals into our food and merchandise, Texas Natural Supply continues its mission of providing natural raw materials to not only create pure products, but successful business owners as well.

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