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Toys From Times Past - Handcrafted Wood Toys and Puzzles

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Toys From Times Past opens the way to fun and discovery with toys, games, tricks and three-dimensional puzzles from times past. Discover the joy of play, problem-solving, and physical skill development with our high quality, handcrafted hardwood toys and puzzles.  We make over sixty items in four categories:

You can create interest in history by using Toys From Times Past. Toys like the Hoop ‘n Stick, Peckin’ Chickens, Flap Jack, and Button ‘n String, bring the past to the present. Games and activities such as Jackstraws (pick-up-sticks), Jacks (wood), Cat’s Cradle, Hopscotch and Marbles allow today’s young to experience the fun of yesteryear. 

Enjoy discovery in science, especially physics, by examining the principles of action in several of our toys. The Do Nothin’ Machine actually makes an elliptical pattern as it ‘does nothing’ and the mysterious Wobblestone will only spin in one direction. The Gee Haw Wimmydiddle propeller reverses upon command when you discover the principles of vibration control. Geometry comes into play with the Two-Piece Puzzle, GeoMag Puzzle and Rhombus Top. We even have pastors and teachers use such toys as the Jacob’s Ladder, Pillars of Solomon and Trick Ball for creative Bible lessons. 

Teens and adults, as well as children, especially enjoy the challenge of many of our three-dimensional puzzles. Problem-solving abilities are developed (not to mention patience and perseverance) in working a puzzle and learning new ways of thinking. Puzzles range from one-piece mind benders to the three piece Y-Knot to the twelve-piece burr puzzle (Dozen-It Puzzle). Our customers often find themselves forced to ‘think outside the box’ as they work at solving the puzzles and tricks. Directions and solutions are provided (but, please, do resist the temptation to peek). 

Don and Dawn Shurlow are homeschoolers and have been making and selling their high- quality wood toys and puzzles for over twenty-five years. The toys are created in their home shop and they travel to about twenty-five Art and Craft fairs across the United States each year. It is their joy to bring back toys, tricks, and puzzles from times past and introduce them to today’s young and young-at-heart.

Toys From Times Past can provide hours of fun, discovery, and skill development using beautifully handcrafted toys and puzzles. Visit our web site,, and see how many you remember from your past and then keep the traditions alive. D.S.

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