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Tubtrax – Bath Tub Learning

Tub-Trax, LLC
(For ages 3 years and up.)
by Emerson Sandow

While homeschoolers can be accused of going overboard with turning every minute into a learning experience, when a product provides such an opportunity, it is difficult to not utilize it. Tubrax is just such a product, allowing you to turn even bath time into a learning experience for your little one. It also allows the parent to spend fun time with his/her child and going over the alphabet or other fundamental information is perfect for little songs and games that will reinforce the information more rapidly.

Basically, Tubtrax consists of a brightly-colored (but non-toxic) plastic sheet with various themes and figures on it, that when flattened out and moistened, will adhere to tile, glass, marble, tabletops, non-carpeted floors, etc., (without wetting, of course) and allows the user to draw on the sheet with Crayola™ Bathtub crayons, which are the erasable type tested by the manufacturer and the only ones recommended.

There are currently a number of different themes to the background sheets, such as Sally the Centipede Tubtrax, which aids the child in learning shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet; Farm Tubtrax, that offers illustrations of common farm animals and farm characteristics; Ant Farm Tubtrax, which offers help to learn shapes, numbers, colors and the alphabet; Town Tubtrax, consisting of a figure-8 highway with illustrations of town elements – city hall, fire department, supermarket – that aids children in developing hand-eye coordination while having fun and the newest, Map Tubtrax, which is a map of the United States showing state capitals and state flags. There are more Tubtrax on the way, too, including those dealing with geography, science and math!

With the basic idea of Tubtrax, it is easy to see that many topics can, and no doubt, will be developed for use by older children, as the U.S. Map Tubtrax indicates. Memorizing state capitals and flags is often a tedious task. Using bath time for such activities is quite useful and sensible.

The Tubtrax sheet is completely safe, being lead-free, easily disinfected and it rolls up for facile portability. Besides being useful for the family, Tubtrax also makes a great gift, so if you are in need of enjoyable supplements to your child of kindergarten to 1st grade age, or know someone who does, please visit the Tubtrax website for much more information and for ordering. ES


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