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By Linda Pliagas

Are you trying to teach your homeschooler a second language? Learning a foreign tongue is an important academic discipline for a well-rounded homeschool education, especially for college-bound homeschoolers, as foreign language studies is a must-have criteria for earning a bachelor’s degree.

Tuttle Publishing makes learning and retaining foreign language skills fun and entertaining with their new flash cards sets, which are designed to each children 64 new words in Chinese.

Competitively priced at only $19.95, the Tuttle Chinese For Kids Flash Cards Kit Volume 1 is a complete learning system, one that every homeschool family can benefit from. (Save 30 percent by ordering directly on their website: only $13.96!)

It contains 64 colorful and nicely illustrated 4” X 5.5” cards designed to help children and parents learn numbers, colors, food and more. The Chinese flash card set is available in both a traditional character edition and also a simplified character version.

The beautiful cards have the Chinese character displayed as well as a key to correct pronunciation, and illustrations to encourage word recognition. Simple sentences are also included to help children create their own sentences and a stroke order chart is also displayed, which shows children how to write the characters correctly.

A parent may ask: Why Chinese? As the world’s most-widely-spoken language, Chinese is an excellent choice for parents who want to give their child a competitive edge in a global economy. Tuttle Publishing also has sets available in Japanese and Tagalog.

In addition to the flash cards, the Tuttle publishing set (designed for children ages four through 12 and beyond) also contains an audio CD to help children with proper pronunciation of the language. 

Along with the flash cards and audio CD, the set also contains a large and beautiful wall chart that can be placed on the wall to provide you and your child with instant access to the new vocabulary that has been taught.

Homeschoolers will appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the Tuttle Publishing for Kids Flash Cards Kits. To make teaching with the flash cards easier, a 32-page learning guide is included in every set. The educational guide, designed for parents and teachers, also includes activities and games to make learning another language an easy and enjoyable process.

Once the first volume is mastered, your child is ready to continue its trek around the globe with Tuttle More Chinese for Kids Flash Cards.  The second series will provide an additional 64 new words in your homeschooler’s vocabulary and expand their knowledge of Chinese language, pronunciation and characters.

In these economically difficult times, it’s great to find such a comprehensive language program for under $15. For the same cost as a basic fast-food lunch, home educators can invest in their child’s future and give them a competitive edge by investing in the Tuttle For Kids Flash Cards Kit sets.

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