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Review by Linda Foster

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Let’s face it, the importance of computers in our lives increases the importance of being able to type. It is no longer reasonable to think that “hunt and peck” typing will suffice in today’s electronic age. When I first learned to type (sometime just after the extinction of dinosaurs), the popular method of learning was to sit in front of a typewriter (no computers available in those days) and practice each letter using the left hand and then each letter using the right hand. Each letter was typed over and over again until the location of the key and the finger used to type it became a habit. There was nothing to look at except the instruction book, the keyboard and the typing paper. Believe me, it was a very dull and painful method of learning but, considering the equipment we had to work with, it was effective. Today we have computers with video capacity and Laser Typing by Pete Dixon uses these modalities to combine basic typing instruction with an interactive video game format.

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