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Builder Books
Studies Weekly

Builder Books-Building a Strong Educational Foundation

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By Linda Pliagas

With so many web-based stores selling educational materials, how does a parent know which curriculum fits best into their homeschool setting?

            This important question is just one that Patty Alberg, owner of Builder Books, answers on a regular basis from homeschool parents.

            When asked what separates Builder Books,,  from other online book stores, Alberg immediately replies: “Customer service”. 

 “We’ve been homeschooling for many years,” Alberg says, “We can answer questions parents have about which books fit best into their program.”                                                         

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Weekly Educational State Newspapers Now Available for Homeschoolers

By Linda Pliagas and John Claire

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Do you want to your homeschooler to acquire a love of learning and journalism?

Studies Weekly brings learning directly to more than 1.2 million students in grades K-6 since 1984 and now, for the first time, it is also available for homeschooling families to enjoy.

What makes Studies Weekly so special is the fact that each state has its own unique version of this colorful and informative periodical.  Whether you live in California and Mississippi, homeschoolers can forgo the textbooks and instead use this eye-catching and well-written publication as an alternative educational resource.


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