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Independent Study in Idaho
ISI office: (PO Box 443225, Moscow ID 83844-3225; phone 208/885-6641 or 877/464-3246; fax 208/885-5738;;

Self-paced study.

Anytime. Anywhere!

  1. Enroll anytime.

  2. Complete in one year or less.

  3. Participating schools accredited by the Northwest commission
    on Colleges and Universities

  4. Over 100 online and/ or print-based courses in more than 25 subject areas:


Library Science



Business/Business Law

Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Child & Family Studies



Music History





Environmental Science

Political Science

Family & Consumer Science



Real Estate

Health Care Administration

Social Science



Journalism & Mass Media




Independent Study in Idaho (ISI) was created in 1973 by the Idaho State Board of Education as a consortium of four accredited Idaho institutions led by the University of Idaho. Other consortium members include Boise State University (BSU), Idaho State University (ISU), and Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC). The ISI office is located at the University of Idaho North Campus Center in Moscow, Idaho. Each member institution of the ISI consortium is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), the region’s accrediting agency. High school courses are accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS).

Independent Study in Idaho delivers over 100 college undergraduate, graduate, and high school distance education courses in online and print-based formats in over 30 subject areas to more than 1,600 students each year. Independent Study in Idaho college courses parallel their on-campus counterparts in content and completion standards.  People from all walks of life, worldwide, take ISI courses to begin college programs early, resolve on-campus class-time conflicts, satisfy prerequisites, pursue professional development, and for personal enrichment.  Courses are self-paced and available anytime, anywhere; students have one full year to complete ISI courses. Idaho residency is not required. Independent Study in Idaho courses carry semester-hour credit from one of the four consortium institutions and may be applied toward a degree at one of the consortium institutions or transferred to other institutions that accept ISI credits.

Library Science.  Library science courses offered through ISI are of interest to those currently working in a library, considering a profession in library science, or working on a library or teaching degree at other institutions. Certified teachers (with a standard or advanced teaching certificate) interested in school library or media positions may earn an Education Media Generalist Endorsement (K–12) by taking library science courses through ISI. These courses are accepted for the Idaho Education Media Generalist Endorsement (K–12) and may be approved for endorsements in other states.  University of Idaho students may earn a library science teaching minor, which will qualify the student for the Idaho Education Media Generalist Endorsement (K–12).

Education.  Independent Study in Idaho courses may be used toward renewing teaching credentials or for recertification.  Contact your state department of education to determine if ISI courses are approved for this purpose.

Real Estate.  Courses are available through the ISI program that may be used toward education requirements for real estate licensure in the state of Idaho.

Independent Study in Idaho courses are self-paced and available to students anytime, anywhere; courses are delivered online and/or in print format, and some are supplemented by CDs or other media. After registering, students must purchase the textbook(s), if required, and study guide, which includes course procedures, lessons, and policies.  Study guides for online courses are accessible via the Web and may also be purchased from the UI Bookstore. Courses must be completed within one calendar year from the registration date, or a course extension may be purchased. On average, ISI students can expect to spend at least 45 hours of scholarly activity per course credit to successfully complete a course. Upon course completion, students may request a transcript from the registrar’s office of the credit-granting institution.

Academic Support.  Independent Study in Idaho offers individual assistance to ISI students with questions about course delivery and also general university policies, procedures, and services.

Instructor Contact.  Instructors are available to answer questions concerning course content and can be reached by telephone or e-mail, as specified by the instructor. Contact information for each instructor is included in the Registration Confirmation Packet sent to students upon registration.

Lessons.  Each course has a specific number of lessons that must be submitted prior to course completion. Students will receive their final grade when all lessons are completed. Lessons are submitted by e-mail or mail to the instructor; detailed instructions for submitting lessons are defined in the Registration Confirmation Packet and the course study guide Appendix. The quantity of lessons that will be accepted at one time varies by course; students may not submit all the lessons at once.

Exams.  An examination coordinator (proctor) is responsible for supervising the exam process and returning exams to ISI. The selection of an independent, nonbiased proctor protects the student from allegations of academic dishonesty. Independent Study in Idaho reserves the right to withhold exams until a suitable proctor is selected by the student. The proctor may not be a personal friend, family member, work subordinate, or another ISI student. Most proctors belong to one of the following groups: a) faculty or staff member at a local educational institution; b) work supervisor or training coordinator; c) military education officer; or d) public librarian.  Exams must be administered in an educational or professional setting. (A few ISI courses call for self-administered exams that do not require a proctor.)

Computer Requirements.  Some courses require a computer with a DVD/CD drive and/or word-processing software. Online courses require a computer and Internet access. Although it is not required, e-mail is recommended for submitting lessons and communicating with ISI staff and instructors.

Disability Support Services.  Each of the four ISI consortium institutions offers academic support services to students with temporary or permanent disabilities. Students requesting disability related accommodations are advised to contact the sponsoring institution’s office of disability services. To view contact information for each of these offices, access the ISI Web site at, select Student Services & Policies, and then Disability Support Services.

Each course offered through the Independent Study in Idaho program is sponsored by one of the consortium member institutions. Idaho residency is not required, and students do not need to be admitted to a university. Admission to any of the ISI consortium institutions is not automatically granted upon registering in an ISI course. Students may register for ISI courses online at, (select ISI Online Forms System), by telephone, mail, fax, or at the ISI office.  Courses are offered on an open registration basis and do not follow the academic school year.

Fees.  Independent Study in Idaho students pay a per-credit fee rather than resident/nonresident fees. Students residing outside the United States pay a handling fee in addition to registration fees. U.S. military addresses are not subject to additional charges. Payment is required at the time of registration and is accepted by check, money order, VISA, Discover, or MasterCard. Tuition vouchers from U.S. military or corporate employers are also accepted.  Independent Study in Idaho course fees are subject to change at any time by the Idaho State Board of Education; current fees are:

College Undergraduate Courses (100-400 level):
$100 per credit, plus $25 administrative fee
College Graduate Courses (500 level):
$140 per credit, plus $25 administrative fee
High School Courses (one course = 1 high school semester credit):                      
$90 per course, plus $60 administrative fee

Other Course-Related Costs.  In addition to registration fees, ISI students may incur expenses for the following: textbooks, course study guides, supplemental materials, postage to send lessons and projects to instructors and international handling and shipping.

Course Materials.  A print or online study guide is required for all courses; a textbook is required for all courses unless otherwise specified in the course study guide, and some courses require supplemental materials. Required course materials are listed and available for purchase from the University of Idaho Bookstore online at, or by telephone, (208) 885-7334. If textbooks are purchased from another outlet, carefully note the ISBN number for the edition that is required.

Financial Aid.  ISI courses do not count toward the credit-hour load used to determine full- or part-time student status. Students receiving financial assistance are advised to check with the Financial Aid Office at their school to determine the extent of coverage available for ISI courses. Some state agencies, private companies, and the U.S. military may offer financial assistance for ISI course fees to qualified students; contact ISI for further information. ISI does not offer financial aid to students.

Veterans’ Benefits.  Veterans may use VA benefits to pay ISI course fees. Upon approval of benefits, ISI bills the appropriate agency. Visit the UI Office of Veterans Affairs’ Web site at for more information.

Drops and Refunds.  To drop a course, submit the Drop Course Form online at (select ISI Online Forms System), or mail or fax a letter to ISI. The letter must include the date, course name and number, student’s name, and signature. Courses dropped within 21 days of registration qualify for a full course refund, minus the administrative fee and $13 for any lesson/exam already submitted. Courses dropped within 22–45 days of registration qualify for a 50 percent course refund, minus the administrative fee and $13 for any lesson/exam already submitted. Refunds will be processed by credit card or check, depending on the original payment method.

Exchanging Courses.  If a course does not meet your needs, for a nonrefundable $25 fee plus $13 for any lesson/exam already submitted, you can exchange one course for another within 60 days of registration. One exchange per registration is allowed, and the initial course completion date does not change. Course exchange requests may be made online, or by mail, telephone, or fax.

Course Extensions.  If you are unable to complete a course within one calendar year from the registration date, you may request a six-month extension from the Independent Study in Idaho office for a nonrefundable fee. Requests for extensions may be submitted online, by telephone, mail, e-mail, or fax to the ISI office.

The course completion deadline is one calendar year from the registration date. When a final course grade is issued, a Course Completion Letter will be mailed to you. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the credit-granting institution to request an official transcript, if desired. Depending on the institution, course designation on the transcript may or may not include Correspondence Study, Correspondence Course, a C for correspondence study, or an ISI for Independent Study in Idaho.■

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