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Online Education

University of Texas Online/Distance Learning High School

Dr. Amy Pro at 512-471-1838; or Heidi Parker 512-471-4808; Enrollment forms may be found at the UT High School web site:

The University of Texas High School provides flexible scheduling for students who prefer not to attend a traditional high school. Students can work on distance learning courses at their own pace anywhere, anytime, according to their individual circumstances.

Under the UT High School program, students can earn a diploma from The University of Texas High School. The UT High School offers a state-approved educational alternative for students in Texas or elsewhere who want to earn a high school diploma and need or prefer the flexibility of distance education to complete their work.

Fully accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the UT High School was authorized by the Texas State Board of Education in 1998 to provide a high school curriculum and to award diplomas. Students graduating from The University of Texas High School receive a high school diploma signed by the president of The University of Texas at Austin, which substantiates that the student has met all graduation requirements as mandated by the TEA, including passing the exit-level Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS).

UT High School currently offers 52 CD-ROM based or online courses, including English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages, Health, Fine Arts, Computer Applications, Physical Education, and Economics.

Students in the UT High School come from many walks of life, but all have a common goal—to pursue academic success through distance education. Our diverse student body includes:

• students who want more independence in their educational choices;
• students who are older than traditional students;
• students who are being home schooled;
• students who want to accelerate their education;
• student athletes;
• students with professional careers;
• students in remote locations, and
• students with the WorkSource center

All credits from accredited high schools will be considered for graduation from The University of Texas High School, provided the credits are earned for courses that are on the Texas Education Agency’s list of approved courses. Credits earned by examination may also be considered for graduation from the UT High School. Students entering the UT High School from non-accredited schools will need to take and pass exams (Credit by Examination) in order to receive credit.

An individual graduation plan that identifies the remaining credits a student needs in order to graduate will be mailed to the student after the application for admission has been processed. Then, a student is ready to register for distance learning courses.

UT High School students also have the opportunity to take college level distance learning courses from The University of Texas and/or from regional colleges. These college level courses count toward meeting graduation requirements at both the high school and college level. Motivated students have been know to complete up to two years of college credit while fulfilling the requirements to earn their high school diploma.

For more information, please contact Dr. Amy Pro 512-471-1838; or Heidi Parker 512-471-4808; Enrollment forms may be found at the UT High School web site: ■

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