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Webster’s Academy

Webster’s Academy Transforms Weak Writers into Expert Scribes

Having the skill of writing well is a talent which can open many doors for adults.  It is naturally important to develop a strong foundation for the written word as children.  One organization which is creating a positive difference in the lives of numerous children (and adults) is Webster’s Academy.

The name Webster is synonymous with ‘words’ and ‘communication’. Founded on the principles of Dr. J.B. Webster, the Academy’s mission is to improve writing structure and style. Webster’s Academy assists students from elementary grades all the way through the university level.

Dr. Webster, the author of Blended Structure and Style taught students from grades one all the way to training Ph.D. candidates at prestigious universities, subsequently  developed a practical writing methodology along with his aunt, Anna Ingham.

Bryan and Bev Rempel, founders and owners of Webster’s Academy, have been directly trained by Dr. Webster.  The Rempel’s have made a commitment to pass on his teachings to a whole new generation of students: “We maintain the integrity for Webster’s program as he originally intended.” Now, they present the mastery of Dr. Webster utilizing today’s technologically-driven world: the internet.
Webster’s Academy can transform weak writers into confident scribers in a matter of a few short weeks utilizing an easy step-by-step system that has been tried and tested for the last 50 years and is proven to produce phenomenal results.
The best part of all is students need not travel to a remote location to learn Webster’s proven program.  Developing better writing skills is now merely a click away. Rempel enthusiastically spoke about how Webster’s Academy program is completely interactive and instantaneous. “I can pass out papers back and forth as we are talking. I can see the students and they can raise their hand and be called to participate.”

While other online teaching courses basically just give assignments and test through the internet, Webster’s Academy is completely virtual and interactive in real-time.  Class sizes typically range from three to five students.

One of the reasons online classes are becoming so popular is due to affordability. Having several brick-and-mortar locations is very expensive; as an online interactive site Webster’s Academy can pass on savings to their students. The interactive writing courses are very affordable; a one-hour class a week for five weeks course is only $175. No only are the classes interactive but the weekly homework is marked and commented on by a trained teacher.

Rempel says that a five-week course is the perfect timeframe for giving students, “a major chunk of what they need to learn.”

Homeschoolers will find Webster’s Academy to be an engaging way to learn proper writing techniques; the program is backed by 50 years of expertise and implementation.

Rempel, who has a Master’s degree in education, says that Webster’s online instruction is especially beneficial for homeschoolers living in remote, rural areas as well as those in the cities.
Besides improving writing ability, when a student undergoes the program at Webster’s Academy, their confidence level grows, substantially increasing their performance in other subjects and areas of their life as well.

Webster’s Academy began to introduce their interactive online courses only three months ago, yet the success of their new business model has been overwhelming. “Once they take a course,” says Rempel, “they immediately want to take the next one. Excellent results are achieved via online, as we are on ‘live’.”

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