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WIZARDSSPELL – Efficient, Independent, Online Spelling Practice

244 Shannonbrook Lane, Frederick, MD 21702 •

Review by Linda Foster

WizardsSpell is one of the most innovative spelling programs developed to improve spelling skills and encourage confidence in students to learn new words. WizardsSpell gives students an online, independent practice environment that uses multiple sensory cues to learn to spell. WizardsSpell  IS NOT a book or a curriculum or a “how to teach” spelling program.  It IS a quick, efficient online interactive spelling program that reinforces and encourages learning through independent practice.

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It is widely accepted that spelling is an integral part in the development of solid language skills. Incorrect spelling affects both writing and reading capabilities and students without appropriate spelling skills may feel insecure, lacking the confidence to express themselves. Practice is an essential ingredient to spelling success; it is, in fact, the best instructor.

When it became apparent that her daughter had learning disabilities and was unable to learn spelling by traditional teaching methods, Melanie Gann, co-founder of WizardsSpell took matters into her own hands. Since her daughter’s primary problem was auditory processing, Melanie developed a visual tool that faded spelling words out, prompting her daughter to spell the word herself. The personal success of this rudimentary program led to the currently popular WizardsSpell.

Due to limited time or limited skills, parents often feel overwhelmed by the prospect of teaching spelling to their children. This challenge is magnified if their children have learning disabilities. Too often, individuals with remedial spelling skills have difficulty organizing and expressing complex thoughts and lose their voice in society.

As any parent or teacher knows, children learn differently. Some learn with their eyes, some with their ears, some work better knowing where they are in relationship to being done, while others don’t. WizardsSpell is a self-paced, self-tutoring approach to spelling using auditory and visual senses and a hands-on experience to engage students and help them learn independently. It provides a framework for a child to practice and check words several times within a few seconds. Repetition and feedback are immediate. In just 5 minutes per day, users of WizardsSpell have seen dramatic improvement in their spelling skills.

The benefits to homeschool families are similar to the benefits in classroom settings. WizardsSpell is individualized and can be configured to allow student profiles to be adjusted to individual learning styles and needs. Student progress is tracked automatically, monitoring practice time, attempts and success rates. The program dictionary includes 23,000 words organized into library lists for grades K through 8 with 32 lists per grade. Separate spelling bee lists are also included. Of particular interest is that WizardsSpell is the only program available that allows parents and teachers to input their own words lists. This has been an extremely welcome option for homeschool parents concerned about the appropriateness of standard lists included in other programs. Parents and teachers can even input an entire semester of word lists and periodically assign the lists as the year progresses.

While parental/teacher participation is encouraged, WizardsSpell is designed for minimal parental supervision while still monitoring and communicating student progress to the parent/teacher. Especially advantageous to homeschool families is the ability to take the lessons on the road. As a web-based program, it is possible to access the lessons on different computers and continue with lessons intact. The program and lessons are available wherever and whenever there is internet access.

As already mentioned, WizardsSpell is an extremely affordable teaching tool. For approximately the price of a movie ticket ($10), parents can purchase a full month of the program for use with their child. Larger households will also find the program affordable at a cost of $12 (2-3 children) or $14 (4-7 children). Annual subscriptions provide the 12th month free.

The team at WizardsSpell is so confident in their product that they offer a “try before you buy” online demonstration and a 15-day money back guarantee. They are committed to providing the very best spelling tool to help students achieve their spelling potential – and to assist teachers, parents, and homeschoolers in getting them there.

For additional information on this innovative spelling tool, please visit the WizardsSpell website at www.wizardsspell.comL.F. 


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