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Wonder Number Learning System
1825 Gaviota Court, Simi Valley, CA 93065 ▪ 805.526.7335
Pre-K through high school

By Lauren Rosales


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The Wonder Number Learning system was created by Melbourne T. Brown in the early 1970’s. Mr. Brown was a schoolteacher who, despite his many efforts, was unable to find a suitable teaching method that assisted struggling students in their pursuit for an understanding of basic math concepts. Finally, he decided to create a method of his very own, and developed the ingenious Wonder Number Learning System – which is actually a series of board games complete with spinner, playing chips and an instructional DVD containing complete video lessons, so the homeschooling family can combine “play” with “study”!

Wonder Number consists of a brightly-colored game board, divided into numbered squares from 1 to 100. An array of math concepts is identified symbolically on the board. For instance, each prime number has a circle around it; even numbers are identified with a small blue “2” and odd numbers are those lacking the blue 2. Square numbers are enclosed in a square and are the same color as the square root, with all factors for a number being displayed in pairs and possessing a specific color. Therefore, just by looking carefully at the playing board, the math student can learn a number of basic concepts! Since every number on the board has all of its factors listed in its square block and the placement is repetitive throughout the board, it is extremely easy for even the youngest children to find and identify the numbers and become familiar with their traits.

Grasping and understanding the concept of mathematics becomes a wonderfully fun and enjoyable experience through Mr. Brown’s brilliant coalescence of colors, shapes, and simple mathematical terminology. Using the Wonder Number method, students can retain more information in a comfortable atmosphere, which results in better understanding and retention. Being conscious of this basic, important information makes it exceedingly simple for children to follow along in the lessons on the DVD.  However, even before experimenting with the games, it is highly recommended that students partake in a simple brainstorming session where they are given the opportunity to explore the board visually.  As the parent asks the child what s/he sees on the board, in actuality you will really be encouraging them to recognize and identify the familiar shapes, colors, and possible hidden patterns throughout the board.

The Wonder Number set includes:

  1. 100 chip pieces in four different colors
  2. A teaching guide giving thorough instructions on how to play a multitude of games
  3. Step-by-step directions for sixteen full lessons
  4. Two mini boards
  5. Four viewers
  6. A game board with spinner
  7. An instructional DVD
  8. Interactive Website updated with new games and activities
  9. Color Poster and Black Line Master
  10. A Math Glossary in the back of the teaching guide containing definitions of any math terminology used in the lessons
  11. And sheets of practice problems to further boost the players’ learning and study habits.

Of course, Wonder Number also provides an excellent way for parents and children to spend time poring over the mysteries of math together. Board games are a prime homeschooling entertainment alternative to watching T .V. and playing video games. Nothing is more attractive than to actually learn math concepts as an added bonus.

The price of the Wonder Number set might seem high, but when one realizes that it can be used for approximately ten years worth of math supplementing and study, the price becomes positively inexpensive.


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