World’s Finest Chocolate

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When it comes to fund raising, choose the dependable leader that guarantee’s you a 50% profit. World’s Finest® Chocolate is the “brand name” in confectionary fund raising. Our chocolate is delectably rich, fresh and full of flavor. For the past 60 years we have helped groups of all sizes raise billions of dollars.  Let us help you raise funds today!

Only World’s Finest Gives You Superior Fund Raising Results with a premium product.

-The Most Profitability: 50% profit on every fund raising item.
-The Best Chocolate: The highest quality and the finest ingredients. Your customers can taste the difference and will eagerly await your fund raiser.
-The Guaranteed Freshest: With no middlemen, buying directly from us means you get the freshest chocolate, guaranteed.
-The Most Variety: Still selling the favorite $1.00 bar, World’s Finest offers unparalleled variety for every price point and every appetite…
-The Power of Personalization: Adding your cause’s logo to the bar lets buyers know they are supporting something worthwhile and excites the kids to sell!
- Savings: Double your customer’s value with a prized national coupon on the back of every bar – the offer pays for the bar itself!

For fund raising information call 1-800-WFC-FUND or visit

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