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WorldWide IDEA Private Academy
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For families taking their first steps into their homeschooling journey, the prospect is both exciting and daunting. For families who are veteran homeschoolers, planning the school year is routine but sometimes new challenges arise as their students grow up and look to the future.
Fortunately for both of these types of families, WorldWide IDEA’s fully accredited Private Academy, for grades K through 12, can help support and validate your homeschool.

We understand the importance of tailoring education to each child’s individual strengths, needs, and learning styles. That’s why, unlike so many other homeschool programs, we encourage educational flexibility – that means, we don’t force you and your students to use a pre-packaged curriculum or computer-only courses. Each parent decides what is best for each child. Through purchasing or swapping with other WorldWide IDEA families, you use the materials you want to use.

One of our teaching parents tells us, “The reason I enrolled my children into the WorldWide IDEA Private Academy is because the school is accredited and I can choose any curriculum that works for us. This is great for families who are using a literature-based program like Sonlight, which we love.”

As you and your student choose courses to complete, you log into our online system to create the student’s Individual Learning Plan, or ILP. This serves as a helpful organizational tool, where you can track your student’s courses – whether traditional, non-traditional, or taken through another institution – and follow your student’s mastery of nationally accepted education standards. Plus, the ILP is a dynamic document, meaning that it can adapt to grade levels above or below a student’s enrollment grade and also change as the student’s learning needs change over the year.

You also complete student Progress Reports online, without the hassle of paperwork. “ILPs, Progress Reports, and updates online make the process painless,” a grateful parent has told us.

For those families who want advice, our certified teachers serve as valuable resources, with their vast knowledge of curriculum and extensive experience with homeschooling families. For example, you can consult your Contact Teacher about what curriculum materials might best suit each of your students. For those parents struggling with special needs or gifted students, your Contact Teacher can help you devise appropriate teaching and assessment strategies.

Our veteran homeschooling families often have students who are at a Grade 7 learning level or above. They may want their students to start completing high school credits, or they need some help with high school planning, or perhaps they are seeking support for teaching high-school level courses to their students. Most often, families who expect to graduate their children through a home-based education also need accredited validation of their students’ course credits for entry into college, the military, or other higher institution setting. With WorldWide IDEA, these worries are relieved with our high-quality accreditation, offerings of two different high school credit tracks, accredited transcripts and diplomas, and a qualified and experienced Registrar who can directly communicate with other institutions.

“I have always found WorldWide IDEA’s staff to be helpful, especially our Contact Teacher,” a parent says. “She has given me good advice and has referred me to other teachers [on staff] who specialize in the area I’m asking about. For example, I recently spoke at length with another staff member about my son’s math difficulties. She gave me insight into working with High School students and suggested how we might plan his HS schedule.”

Along with accreditation and unlimited Contact Teacher assistance, our enrolled families get support from their regional Family Representative, who serves as a liaison between each family and the academy’s administration. As one parent put it, “The Family Representatives have been fantastic. Because they also homeschool, they are more aware of the challenges we face and have great compassion and interest.”
Enrollment in WorldWide IDEA also includes standardized testing and a collection of online subscription services, which include research, learning, practice, and assessment help. Plus, our students love to participate in our academy-wide activities, such as the IditaRead, Art Gallery, and Cyber Science Fair. “The online tools and extra resources are a great benefit, and well worth being with WorldWide IDEA,” a family says.

Furthermore, with our online system, your family’s records are secure and available at your fingertips from any computer connected to the Web worldwide. You will also get access to our and extensive list of educational vendors and the WorldWide IDEA Curriculum Swap Board to help you find the materials you are looking for.

“Thank you so much for all you’re doing,” one of our parents wrote to us recently. “[Your staff is] supportive, enthusiastic, sincere...we feel so confident that you have our family’s best interest at heart! Great job!”

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