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WRITE-RIGHT BOARD – Giving Penmanship a New Slant

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By Linda K. Foster

The importance of clear, legible handwriting should not be underestimated. Poor handwriting costs schools thousands of dollars each year in lower test scores and lower overall grades. Students with illegible handwriting often suffer from lower self-esteem and are less likely to be academically successful. Learning to write can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but it does not need to be. The Write-Right Board is a fun and easy tool that takes the pain, struggle, and frustration out of learning to write and is a proven method for teachers and parents to teach proper handwriting from the very beginning of the learning process.

Write-Right Boards
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Designed by Eddie Peters, an educator with over 30 years’ experience as a teacher and principal, the Write-Right Board is an angled clipboard that facilitates correct writing posture and paper position.  It is perfectly angled to support the optimum handwriting position and, unlike traditional clipboards, the angled edge keeps the board properly positioned in relation to the desk, making it easy to maintain the correct writing angle.   Students will no longer find it necessary to constantly reposition their hands while writing.

Since its introduction in 1993, the Write-Right Board has been used by teachers and parents to teach new, and improve existing, writing skills with ease and comfort to students from pre-school age and up. It has also been used successfully in physical therapy and rehabilitation settings. The Board holds the paper in place and at the proper angle making it extremely useful to stroke victims and other patients with limited motor skills.

The Write-Right Board is made of easy-to-clean, durable plastic and comes in a variety of fun colors: clear, yellow, white, mint green and light blue. The clear board is a valuable tool for teachers as it can be used with overhead projectors for group demonstrations. A printed alphabet (available in either cursive or manuscript style) runs along the left margin of the Board offering immediate reference to correct lettering samples. One particularly unique feature that is lacking in most teaching tools is the availability of Boards for both right and left-handed students. If you are left-handed or have attempted to teach writing skills to a left-handed student, you will definitely understand the importance of this feature.

The Write-Right Board is can be used with any age group and in both classroom and homeschool settings. It starts students off with the correct writing form and reinforces proper handwriting skills with continued use. This ergonomically-friendly tool reduces wrist and hand fatigue, makes writing a more enjoyable experience, and helps to increase student self-confidence. It is an effective writing tool that supports learning and does not interfere with it. For additional information or to purchase visit Write-Right's web site.


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