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Castle Heights

Can you teach real science in your homeschool?  You can...  with Castle Heights Press.

Are you teaching laboratory science to your high school student?  You may be having trouble finding some of the equipment or chemicals required by your curriculum's lab manual. Check out our Chemistry, Biology, and Physics lab manuals- they employ the scientific method using challenging, classic experiments, and equipment you probably already have in your kitchen.

Castle Heights Press
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Physics, biology, and chemistry laboratories can be done successfully in your homeschool or small school. The fundamentals of these sciences are taught in our lab manuals using a hands-on approach with real world application. These books focus on the principles of science, and so can be used with any textbook you choose, such as Bob Jones, Apologia, or ABeka science texts.  Do all the experiments or choose a handful to satisfy your college preparatory curriculum.  Advanced junior high school students can do these labs, too!  With a focus on safety, the lab manuals are designed to be self-guided for the independent learner.

What about your elementary student? How can you teach real science but keep it at a basic level using materials you already have? Let us help you! Our elementary experiment books also use the scientific method, starting your child early on the road to understanding science.  Our books for the young learner include My First Science Notebook, where the student can learn using observation of the world around him, and Cooking & Science for Elementary Students, where the student does science lab in the kitchen using delicious recipes from Chocolate Chip Cookies to Scripture Cake.

Castle Heights Press also carries a full range of unit studies designed to allow your entire homeschool class of varying grade levels to take “One Week Off” from your normal daily schedule.  Spend a week researching information on the topic of your student’s choice, whether Dinosaurs, Horses, or Space exploration.  The activities and topics in our unit studies can guide your week of learning.

This year, Castle Heights is carrying e-books for you to download in your homeschool. Our first such publication is Cooking & Science for Elementary Students, and more of our books will be carried in e-book format as the year progresses.  Check back with us often!

Real, challenging science, CAN be done in your homeschool classroom.  We have the tools to help you succeed!


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