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by Michael Leppert

Christian Liberty Academy is a day-school located in the suburbs of Chicago. The Academy has a homeschool division (please see separate article) and it also offers books and fine curriculum materials. Some of the books are published by Christian Liberty Press, while others come from  companies that also promote a biblical worldview.

The Christian Liberty Press website is packed with great books and materials to enhance Christian homeschooling. Home educators can order books individually, or they can purchase curriculum kits for each grade level, K-12. With these kits, you get the entire school year worth of curriculum materials in a box, for grades K-9. From 9th through 12th grade, the curriculum kits must be supplemented with other materials, such as science and math books, which are offered separately by CLP.

CLP believes that teachers (including parents), need to be always learning to keep their teaching skills sharp. To that end, CLP offers the six-booklet Bob Jones University Press series on Christian education. They provide clear, on-point statements and information on the Christian approach to teaching a variety of individual subjects -- Art, English, History, Math, Music and Science. With the information in this series, the Christian homeschooling parent can teach his/her child with confidence that the instruction will follow sound Christian principles, enabling them to impart intelligent information while protecting and nurturing their Christian values.

CLP offers its own Homeschool Lesson Planner, in both CD-Rom and hard copy editions, to equip busy parents to manage their home and school. It comes complete with detailed planning information, an overview of how to develop lesson plans, advice on organizing, forms that help the homeschooling family be more efficient in their administrative work, and for the creation and maintenance of permanent records. This is the same planner that is included in each grade-level curriculum kit.

Among the other valuable "teacher" resources offered by CLP are "How To Study" a short guide on developing good study habits. Since studying and retaining information is an acquired skill, this book can show the parent and student how to improve the fruits from one's study time. Another excellent volume is "Choosing a Career" a high-school-aged practical guide to making godly career choices which provides a personal inventory evaluation section as well, to help the student focus on likely career choices. A third volume in the Additional Resources section is "Growing Up Christian" which helps Christian teens to cope with the challenges and pitfalls they face once they have moved beyond home and church to the more worldly atmosphere of adulthood.

CLP also offers a section on Vocational Studies, featuring books such as "Introduction to Medicine", a four-component "Introduction to Engineering", a Typing Tutor program, and a  CD-Rom based computer course on Microsoft  programs and systems.

For the edification and growth of Christian parents, there is a section of books on Theology, Spiritual Growth, Marriage and Family and much more for the adult Christian -- some of which may be suitable for older teens as a means of life preparation. Finally, CLP offers a section of Bargain materials -- great textbooks and other items at rock-bottom prices. Their website also provides state-by-state information about homeschooling conventions.

Christian Liberty Press offers an extensive, affordable, online bookstore for the homeschooling family that desires to develop, maintain, and increase its Christian beliefs and academic prowess. Please visit their website, for complete product and ordering information. M.L.

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