Whispers From Children's Hearts

Whispers From Children’s Hearts

67 pages, hard cover, 7.25” x 8.5”. Written by Lisa Haisha, Illustrated by Tim HuhnPublished by Risa Publications, 8424-A Santa Monica Blvd, Ste 175West Hollywood, CA 90069;


Review by Michael Leppert

Ms. Haisha, is a screenwriter and film-maker who has traveled the world the past 10 years. Her sojourns have provided the opportunity for her to produce Whispers. This is a touching little book with an inspired premise. The author conceived of asking children she met from all over the world three questions: (1) If you had one wish, what would it be? (2)  Is God fair? Why or why not? and (3) Who in the world would you most want to meet?

As one might expect, the answers run the gamut from humorous, to very touching, to the profound – especially from such young children! It is best to let the book speak for itself:

In response to Question #1 (One wish):

“That God will let me live long enough to see things that will make me cry out of happiness instead of sadness.”  Ramzi, 5, Iraq.

“I would become a really smart doctor because my mommy has cancer and is going to leave us soon because her doctor ran out of hope. But I have some that I can give to him.” Urinda, 8, Malaysia.

“I would give everyone a nice home to live in that doesn’t leak, and food to eat because my dad says we live like animals because of all the conflict in the world. That isn’t normal.” Jamal 7, Iraq.

Question #2 (Is God fair):

“I don’t think he’s fair because some people are mean and selfish, especially at my school. But maybe they work for God and are supposed to be that way to teach us something. I don’t know. Jason, 9, from Australia.

“Yes, because he does what he thinks is right even if we think he is a bad manager.” Carlo, 8, Italy

“No, because God should feed us and I’m always hungry and I’m told that I should be grateful for just being alive. That’s strange isn’t it?” Tan, 8, Malaysia

Question #3 (Who would you most want to meet):

I would like to meet the person who will save the world from fighting and bring peace and love into peoples hearts. My mommy said that person will be coming soon. But she doesn’t know his name.”  Fujii, 7, China.

“Fellini because he makes fantasy films. My dad watches his movies and lets me watch, too.” Geseppe, 8, Italy

“I don’t know. Allah, because I want to know why he needs so much attention. Because we always have to be bowing to him and I get bored.”  Ramya 7, Malaysia

Whispers From Children’s Hearts, with its edifying messages and glossy pages beautifully  illustrated by Tim Huhn,  is the perfect gift for anyone you know who is sensitive and aware of Life. Many of the quotes are perfect for helping a busy adult to stop and think about what really matters in living, then take a deep breath and re-focus the rest of the day!  Please visit the website for more information. – M.L.

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