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College and Homeschoolers

Many prospective homeschooling parents express concern over the prospects of their children being accepted by choice colleges and universities.

They need not worry. Every major institute of higher learning accepts homeschooled students, assuming the necessary criteria are met besides being homeschooled. All quality universities and colleges rely to some extent on the SAT, ACT or CEB exams. A few require the SAT II from homeschooled students, but that is not an issue if your child actually knows the material. Some schools also require an essay or set of essays to be produced on-the-spot by the prospective student. Then many colleges also conduct live interviews of the student. From this extensive amount of material, college admissions deans can ascertain the level of academic readiness and potential ability of the student.

These institutions do not want to accept students who are likely to fail; they want to produce successful graduates. Usually, there just isn’t enough room to accommodate everyone who applies to the school and entrance requirements have to be stiff.

Another higher-learning option that is very popular and successful is attending a junior college for two years and then transferring to a four-year school as a junior. In high-demand four year universities, this is often the only guaranteed way for a student to be accepted. The top 50 universities have stringent weeding-out procedures to limit the number of freshman who are accepted. This means that virtually-qualified students do not make the cut. But if they attend a junior college and complete their general education requirements and then transfer as third-year students, they run a much better chance of acceptance.

A short list of universities and colleges that have accepted homeschoolers includes Harvard, Yale, Princeton, St. John’s College (both New Mexico and Annapolis), Stanford, UCLA, Occidental, University of Oklahoma, UC San Diego, Rider University, Patrick Henry College, Thomas Aquinas College, University of Wisconsin (Madison), and the Air Force Academy. There are even institutions of higher learning that seek homeschoolers because they tend to be so serious about academic achievement . . . they make excellent college students.


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